Institutional Social Responsibility(ISR)


About Institutional Social Responsibility(ISR)

Knowledge is power and has been the significant criteria in the growth and development of the society. Learning and acquiring knowledge is a continuous process and this is possible with a active collaboration between people, educational institutions and industry.

Technologies are growing rapidly and changing the way we live. Updating skills is the key to success today. There is need to keep enhancing the way education is imparted at Educational Institutions from schools to universities.

At every level we need to understand and analyze what we learn and its relevance to our future. At our institute DGCT we have included this process and attained positive results. We wish take forward this concept of “Enhanced Learning” to various schools as a part of our Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR)

This idea has been initiated by our Chairman Shri. A. Dhirajlal, who has 55 year of rich experience in the field of Technical Education. He has established the institution with a vision is to improve the quality of human life through advanced level programs in Engineering, Architecture and Management, which would be recognized internationally for excellence.

He has nurtured institutions like Thiyagarajar Polytechnic and Sona College of Technology to be among the best in the country in the shortest span of time. The Chairman knows exactly what creates complete and competent engineers.

He believes in giving fair opportunities to bright middle and lower income group students and offers magnanimous scholarships to encourage them to take up engineering education. The institutions have been promoted by Mukesh & Associates, India’s leading Engineering and Architectural Consultants has been very prolific in establishing DGCT in its present grandeur.

In a short span of 3 years the institution has created a niche for itself by achieving success in academics, technical competitions and sports. It has created a platform for students to learn with interest and experiment with various technologies to provide innovative solutions.

Under the project Institution Social Responsibility we wish to associate with you for the areas like English Communication, Mathematics, Science, Computer Fundamentals, Project Exhibitions and Sports etc. We look forward for a continuing association through these initiatives.